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We are sorry that we cannot proceed with your registration because these classes are offered to Non-Native Arabic speakers. We encourage you to continue your learning with your Arab teacher.


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  • All intellectual property rights including all methods and material belong to the Academy at all times.

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    For the purpose of ensuring quality and protection of the methods, students are not permitted to teach or share with others without the authorization from Academy.

    Academy will not be responsible for any unauthorized teaching.

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  • 1. It is a ONE-week trial Recitation Class.

    2. Changing of classes is NOT permitted once you have received confirmation from

    3. You MUST decide on the 3rd CLASS, whether to join the Academy as a student the following month or to stop continuing your Free Trial class. A reminder will be given to you on the 2nd class via email InshaAllah.

    4. If you decide to JOIN us as a student, please confirm your participation by replying to in the 2nd CLASS. You will then be able to keep your seat in the present class for the following months.

    5. If you decide NOT TO JOIN us as a student, kindly inform us at; you will then be automatically removed from the class the following month. We appreciate your feedback on why you choose not to continue.

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    The Academy DOES NOT charge a registration fee

    I understood that the classes are conducted in English Language only