*** Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality

All intellectual property rights including all methods and material belong to the Academy at all times.

All method and materials are copyrighted.

For the purpose of ensuring quality and protection of the methods, students are not permitted to teach or share with others without the authorization from Academy.

Academy will not be responsible for any unauthorized teaching.

Any of the below is strictly prohibited without prior consent From Academy:

– Use of Academy’s logo

– Audio and visual recordings of Academy’s courses

– Reproduction or distribution of course content and course materials.

*** Absent/Discontinue and Refund Policy:

1. Students who have paid but would like to cancel registration before class commence are required to write to the Admin. She is encouraged to consider the following options according to its sequence:

  • To carry forward her fee for other future course.
  • To sponsor other students (Malaysia or other countries) who can’t afford to pay for the fee.
  • To consider the paid fee as sadaqah.
  • To get refund (RM50 will be deducted for processing fee).
  1. For oversea refunds, please contact finance@tmeag.comfor payment options.
  1. However,  if  students  want  to  discontinue  after  class  has  commenced,  they MUST write to the Teacher and the Admin.
  1. For discontinuation of less than half of the total class sessions, Finance Department will pro-rate the amount of payment, and the balance can only be used for other courses that are offered by this Academy.
  1. For discontinuation of more than half of the total class sessions, no refund can be made.


Please refer to the Student Handbook and Agreement in your Student’s Portal.